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If you’re in any of these photos feel free to let me know and i can credit you! :D

Manchester Comic Con! Wow! Well..considering i wasn’t sure if i was even going to make it out of the house (bloody agoraphobia i HATEEE THEEE) we got there!! We weren’t planning on staying all day because i’d never have handled that, however the queue was…MAHOOSIVE..we would have spent our entire time queuing and considering my anxiety was kicking off anyway with how crowded it was OUTSIDE, we compromised slightly and pretty much just stayed outside enjoying it! 

As someone “going to comic con” that might not sound like a successful day, but honestly, agoraphobia wise for me anyway..it really was! I loved it!

SOME EPIC COSPLAYS! I saw a little kid dressed as the witch king, and i also saw Legolas in shutter shades! Someone out there! If that was you! *applauds*

These are just some of the pictures i took, quite a lot of my pictures weren’t brilliant so these are some of the better quality ones!

(Yeah, there’s 2 guys in that AT-AT it was amazing…it took them AGES to walk up the street!)

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    That’s me in the front half of the AT-AT. It wasn’t fully finished, so hopefully the MkII will be ready for Birmingham...
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    Omg the Moss cosplay!!!! And King Bob!!!!
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    Awesome pictures! I’m Gimli, Irynmudda is Aragorn and Kaya is Legolas.
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